“Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun and one’s feet moving forward”
-     Nelson Mandela
-     Hayley Middleton



G’Day Sunshine 
My name is Hayley and I founded this label to bring the fun, visually rich pop culture references that inspire me to life through feminine and joyous design.  Whether it be the decadent costumes from a cult classic film, the signature palette and expression of an artist or the striking silhouettes of native wildflowers, for me, everything is a story to tell through shoes.
Having decided upon this vocation, I took myself to London to explore as much of the industry as I could; and after five years working for and learning from the UK’s biggest multi-channel footwear label, my journey brought me full circle, home to Australia, to revel in the spirit of light-hearted chameleon dressing that we Aussie women are so at ease with and celebrated for. 
Then in 2020, after finding a beloved supplier that could bring the designs to life, the label was launched and our community of colourful and radiant souls was born. 
The biannual collections, which are released slowly over a six-month period, cater for all womxn no matter the season, no matter the reason. Sexy sandals and chic mules for your summer soirees; trustworthy boots and fierce pumps to compliment your winter wardrobe - all of them embodying the theme and spirit of the collection in a chic and fun fashion. 
I’m so glad you found your way here and I hope I can continue to fill your world with shoes, stories and sunshine.
Hayley x